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Final Fantasy III Rumors

There's a spot in the water (when Kefka kicked him off the floating island) were landing will lead you to finding Emporer Gestahl. If you can find this he will join your party.

After fighting between 1000-4000 battles in the forest above the Veldt you will fight a very large and unusual monster. If and when you beat him he will give you an item call the riviver. Using this on General Leo's grave will bring you back to life. After what Kefka did to him he's willing to join your party.

When Terra is alone in a party and has the morph ability she can fly outside of battle by pressing the A button. This will allow you to fly globaly much like the airships.

It is said you can have both the Raiden esper and the Odin esper. All you really have to do is get the Raiden esper first. Then get Odin.

It is said that if you beat seigfreid at the collisium (bet a megalixer to face him) he will appear on the Veldt, and if you beat him again he will join your party.

Final Fantasy III

If you ever get any of these to work please let me know exacly (every little detail) how you did it, and if you ever find any new rumors let me know and I'll add them to my page.