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Final Fantasy III Tips

Final Fantasy III

1. If you eqiuped Loke with both the offering and the theif glove he will steal four times, which is very usfull when trying to steal Megalixers from Earthguards in the desert on the solitery island in the World of ruin!

2. To make quick cash in the the World of Ruin all you have to do is fight the Cactrots south of Maranda. If you beat them you will get 10,000 gp! They will also give out 10 mp. if you baet them. The catch is they're very hard to get a decent hit on even though they only have about 5 hp.

3. To rack up exp. pionts in the World of Ruin go to the forest north of the Veldt you will fight Tyranossuars. Who will give you roughly 2,000 exp.

4. The clock in Zozo must be set to 6:10:50. If you put this time in a secret passage will open. Go up the passage and there should be a chainsaw up there (one of Edger's most deadly weapons).

5. If you use vanish or the esper, Phantom, in Daryl's tomb you will not have to fight any monsters untill the boss.

6. Almost every grandfather clock in this game holds an elixer. You can sell these for a lot of money, or bet them at the colleseum for a rename card.